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Sunday, March 28, 2010


With both softball teams having issues finding a win, I have decided to also work some triathlons into my athletic ventures. My First Triathlon took place in beautiful and surprisingly hilly Clermont Florida.
Nerves were killing me the night before the event, so as soon as we arrived in town, I took the family to the site. I checked the water temp and took a look around settling my nerves a bit. After picking up some GU packs at the vitamin shoppe, we drove by the NTC, an elite training center set on a 300 acre campus just outside downtown Clermont. Went back to the hotel and tried on all my gear one last time and went to bed.
Race day I woke at 5:30,it was nice and dark out. Woke the family and went downstairs for some oatmeal and banana and plenty of water and it was off to the event. Sunrise was nice and calming, and my wife pointed out that one person that you can tell is hardcore. He was rail thin, donned a pair of speedos and goggles... that was it.
First leg of the race was the swim, that wasn't long, only 200 yards. I powered my way through it with virtually no form at all. I need to revisit my swim lessons before the next event. Next was the transition to the bike which I could have done better. I could have ran faster, but I was so concerned with saving energy for the 8 mile bike and 2 mile run later. Jumped on the bike after throwing my shoes on just a quick mouthful of GU energy gel and off I rode. Immediately was a decent hill right out of the transition area, the girl in front of me slipped out of gear and wiped out. I stayed on my seat in a low gear because that was the way I trained and also have no ACL, so I was a little worried about stability. I encountered a lot of rolling hills in the 8 mile ride and some beautiful homes on Lake Minneola as well. As I headed back to the transition area, Boomer said "You're in last place Daddy" and after a chuckle with the crowd, I dropped off the bike and left for the 2 mile run. Surprisingly, the run was my best leg of the race with sub 8 minute miles. I finished, which was one goal and I finished the event under an hour which was my initial goal. I had a couple issues on the bike where I only had 3 gears to choose from due to shifting issues.
I had no idea exactly how far to push my body in the first two legs of the event so I feel like I left some time on the course. I was so focused on conserving energy, I could have ran another mile at the same sub 8 minute pace. Overall, it was a great time and now I know what to expect for future competitions.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Madness is upon us-I just said no to Brackets and guess what?

No brackets for me. I didn't feel the need to fill them out this year. This allows me to cheer for underdogs like Oakland and the other small schools like University of Northern Iowa who just knocked of the #1 seed of the tournament, Kansas. I enjoyed the whole game. Sure just like most of you I waited for the UNI collapse and expected Kansas to eventually win by 10 or so. Didn't happen and it was great. I didn't have to worry about the effect it would have on my bracket, I could watch it for what it was a monumental upset.
Don't get me wrong, I like filling the brackets out and doing the research associated with the small schools. I have even won a few in my day, but this year allows me to enjoy the underdogs and the passion they bring that the schools that are always in the top 25 feel is their right.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Shoes in time for my first Super Sprint Triathlon

After my last race I took some time to examine the running shoes the serious runners had on. What I noticed shocked me. No Nike shox! I did not see a single Nike shock running shoe in the first 70 shoes or so. What did this tell me. Exactly what my guy at the IRONMAN store told me. Save your shox for jeans and casual attire. Don't run in them. So back to my research. I successfully found a shoe that fits well is light and didn't break the bank. The Saucony Pro Grid Ride 2 is my running shoe of choice. These shoes are light, breathable and since I began wearing them the strain I was feeling in my shin has disappeared. Nice.

I know it's been a while since I last posted. On a softball note after starting off 0-3 in my Tuesday night softball league we posted our first win. Oh yeah, a 14-12 beating (well not quite) and then the second game of the double header we got lambasted by 20 in five innings to a far superior team full of ex-baseball and softball stars.

Hats off the USF Mens Hoop team on their third best season in history. 20 wins in the Big East conference is a major feat. It looks like it was all for nil as they were taken behind the woodshed by the Georgetown Hoyas in the second round of the Big East Tournament. The second half was the most atrocious basketball I have ever witnessed. Plagued by missed free throws, dunks and horrid shooting the Bulls dug a deep hole and accepted their invite to the NIT with about 8:00 left in the second half. After winning their first game in the Big East Conference Tourney, they had us looking forward to a visit to the dance but we will watch the top 65 from the outside this year. Fear the Bulls next year if we can keep Jones from entering the NBA draft.


PUMA Introduces the Faas Lightweight Running Shoe

Final Triathlon of the 2010 Season

Final Triathlon of the 2010 Season
20lbs lighter and looking forward to next Tri season

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Tampa Bay Rays
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PUMA Introduces the Faas Lightweight Running Shoe