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Monday, January 31, 2011


The Super Bowl is the last chance to take a stand for the Players Union. In my opinion, after the Super Bowl, the owners could care less about the players. Many of the players are living beyond their means and with a stoppage, they will be scrambling for cash. Whether it's child support such as Antonio Cromartie's case or Bentley payments along with Penthouse suite rent on South Beach, these guys are in trouble. Not all have made the mistake of ballin' without a budget, but that is all we hear about. We rarely hear about the player making sound financial decisions. If the players made a stand, we could witness Jerry Jones break out in a sweat and Al Davis turn over in his grave, oh wait!

Once the Super Bowl passes, it's all in the hands of the owners. They get paid their TV money regardless and very few have Lease payments for their stadiums. Money is pocketed and interest is drawn. As an owner, I would love a year of no stress paid and get my TV money which is huge.

What is the dispute over. Two of the major issues are the owners want more of the revenue, just a few percent more of that 9 billion annual cash. The biggest push for the cash is for the owners that have lease payments for their stadiums. The second is that the owners want to extend the season by adding two games. Now as a fan, I do not want to see more games and more injuries. Instead, I would rather pay 1/2 price pre-season games and the lengthened season would just rule out those irrelevant teams for two extra weeks like the Buffalo Bills and most teams out of the NFC west. We would basically see two pre-season quality games at the end of the season for many teams at full price. Who cares about what the fans want, they are just filling the seats? Here comes baseball!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

WHY WOULDN'T NFL OWNERS SHELL OUT 7 MILLION A SEASON FOR HARBAUGH? They consistently waste money in first round draft picks!

I think Harbaugh is worth an initial contract of 7.5 million for 3 seasons. Prove himself and I would lock him up long term, but anything more is just asking for Jamarcus Russell all over again! Sure he wins, and owners waste first round money on busts all the time, Mike Williams, Charles Rogers, and Jamarcus "dope man" Russell. We can see what all the hype does in Josh McDaniels Coaching career. If Miami has the money and dislike their Ron Jeremy/Stan Van Gundy wanna be coach so be it. Just my opinion.
I am glad Harbaugh didn't go to Michigan. It would take 3 years for Big Blue to be competitive unless they practice outside of normal hours and look where that got them. I like the fit for current TCU coach Gary Patterson or Chris Peterson of Boise State. They dominate their conference and seem to do the right thing. The kids respond!
Harbaugh would come in with a lot of pressure with a $5+ million contract and what would happen if he were to sink when he got there? Boosters would have him ousted in 3 years and where would that get Michigan?
Rich Rod was hated from the time he set foot on campus for many reasons. Hell, I couldn't stand his arrogant demeanor. I loved watching him lose to USF on occasion and when he began at Michigan, I had issues. I saw what he was trying to accomplish, but after 3 years and no defensive depth and Charlie Brown kickers, his time was up. So, Dave Brandon needs to pick up Peterson or Patterson and get this program back to the elite! Just my opinion.


PUMA Introduces the Faas Lightweight Running Shoe

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Final Triathlon of the 2010 Season
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PUMA Introduces the Faas Lightweight Running Shoe