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Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Challenge of 2010 down-Gasparilla 5k finished

Am I happy with my finish? Yeah, it felt good to get out there and run. It sure was cold. Too cold for my self-made cheering section, they got to have fun at the babysitter's house. My wife guessed my run at 25:25 but my chip time was 25:43. Not too far off from her guess work. Overall I finished 948 spots out of first place out of 9644 runners that took place in the 5k event. The start was a little crowded. My next event is slated for April 18th which is the Ron Jon Triathlon but I heard that I may need a wetsuit, so I may wait for the Sprint series over on the "West Side" or Gulf Coast. Fort DeSoto has several throughout the summer and into early fall. Besides this last race shows me that I need more training to be somewhat competitive. We'll see how the next month goes. I am planning another 5k on May 15th for those of you interested. The Miles For Moffitt is a great race for a great cause, to raise money for cancer research!! My wife is also racing in this one which will give the winner in home bragging rights. My wife is the team captain and also ran track and cross country in high school. So the pressure is on her! The kids can also compete in this, as there is a 50 yard dash that Boomer raced in last year and got a medal.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My first challenge of 2010. 5k Gasparilla Run-Downtown Tampa

The run is tomorrow at 7:30am. I have just gained 5 lbs in New Orleans thanks to my new found love of Beignets. I tried to walk as much as possible, I just did not have the energy left after walking the French Quarter all day only to come back to the hotel and workout. Wow what a run on sentence. Anyway, I am posting a poll to see how fast I will run this 5k be sure to vote!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Killing time on Super Sunday-When I Noticed....My beer was finally cold and...

With the Super Bowl still hours away, I find myself flipping channels between college basketball and the 2008 World Series(Rays vs Phillies). I had to stop watching the World Series because1. I knew how the series ended (Phillies in 5). and 2. I couldn't help but notice how many tattoos these college basketball players have. This is serious artwork that cost serious money. Where do they get the thousands of dollars for these tattoos. I couldn't read most of them but they are pretty elaborate. It takes hours to get these done. Does it take away from their study time? Some look to cost as much as a good used car. Maybe they are paid for by an unspoken sponsorship. I'm inspired to get one now but will I look as badass on the court at the YMCA as they do on national television? I think so.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Bat=New Era in Temple Terrace Softball League

An awesome win in my Wednesday night softball league. The bats came alive from the first pitch and the new player acquisitions fit right in making the Bulls a league force. Is the new bat the difference or are we ball smashing badasses? We will find out next Wednesday for all the marbles in the league championship.

Now onto USF football news. Skip Holtz's first recruiting class is officially in place and looks pretty solid. High hopes for the upcoming season. Highest ranking recruits ever for USF football including two 4 star recruits Terrence Mitchell, cornerback from our local Hillsborough High, and Defensive Tackle Todd Chandler out of Miami.

USF Basketball note. Dominique Jones is a ManChild!! He has scored 140 points in the last 4 games!! True Story! Against Georgetown, Providence, Seton Hall,and PITT.


PUMA Introduces the Faas Lightweight Running Shoe

Final Triathlon of the 2010 Season

Final Triathlon of the 2010 Season
20lbs lighter and looking forward to next Tri season

Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays
New Leaders in the Clubhouse

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PUMA Introduces the Faas Lightweight Running Shoe